Dresden, Germany!

IMG_1654IMG_166233AD0AFD-9C52-409B-AE06-F05ADD9BDFBF185E0082-7BB8-4984-96CF-0BFC61F0A23DKelly in the rainToday my sister Kelly and I spent the day wandering around Dresden.  We mostly absorbed the vibe of the city, picking random directions and streets to walk down.  I had no idea what to expect about traveling here, but I am definitely impressed.  Everything is clean and quaint.  There are cobblestone streets everywhere.  The restaurants are all so gorgeous from the outside, I’m not sure how we will ever choose one to eat at.  One thing that surprised me is the quietness of the city.  The trains are electric so we can barely hear them coming.  My dad almost got hit by one, but we yelled at him to stop walking.  Today, we had some soft pretzels because my dad said they are the best, and they were so good!  Also, there was a little festival type thing going on in downtown and Kelly got a Belgium waffle covered in Nutella.  It was raining at the end of the day, and we stayed inside.  I ended up finishing Girlboss on Netflix.

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