More from Germany


With school finally finishing up and summer upon us, taking a trip to Dresden was the perfect way to kick off the warm weather.  The past few days the temperature has been super high and the sky clear blue.  My dad works in Dresden a lot, and his favorite restaurant is Classico Italiano.  I would have to agree, after trying it I can say it was so amazing!!!  There’s a warning on the menu that says it will take a while to get food because everything is made fresh.  I got this spaghetti with olive oil, chili peppers and garlic.  It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted.  Last night we were walking along the river and stumbled upon some fireworks.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen a firework show, and I forgot how much I love them.  Nothing like a firework show to bring a smile to my face.




We popped over to Berlin for the day on Wednesday.  We saw the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, and a couple other things.  We ate ate two amazing restaurants called, House of Small Wonders and Peter Pane.



Today we rented some bikes and it was such an easy way to get around.  Biking in Dresden is the best thing ever!  If only biking were this convenient everywhere.  Tomorrow we go home and summer can officially start for me!

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