Rainy Vermont


It has been unbelievably rainy this past week.  Normally, I’m a big fan of the gray, overcast days.  However, the summer time is amazing for us waitresses, because the turn over on tables is what really helps us make more tips.  And, with the nice weather that is suppose to come with summer, outdoor seating brings in tons of people.  So I’m pretty bummed about that, but I’m also not minding having these unexpected days off.373886BC-7B2F-4E3F-9AD6-877BF62C3409

I love how Daisy is just staring out the window here.  She wants to be outside so badly!!


Oh my gosh, also I’ve been binging the office lately.  It took me so long to actually watch this show.  Every time I tried to in the past, it would make me sad, I’m not sure why but I usually just felt really bad for Michael.  I’ve finally begun to see the humor in the show and let me tell you…I freaking love it.  Season 5 episode 14.  So amazing.  How funny is it that season 5 episode 14 of Friends is also my favorite episode of that series??BC4F8C76-71E0-469C-A695-58F7727F1171

I didn’t have to work last Saturday because of rain, and I ended up going to see Wonder Woman.  Everyone should go see it!  I’m actually starting to really like these super hero movies and Wonder Woman is most definitely my favorite.  I loved watching her kick butt and totally out smart everyone.3AA8AB0F-562F-4BE5-B8E1-B6BA34F7C087

Anyways, right now is jazz fest in Burlington.  The streets have been crawling with performances and people.  I went to the Flynn Theatre on the opening night and saw Robert Cray perform.  Apparently, I’m crazy for not knowing who he was before, but at least I know now!  My dad came to the show with me, he has never really listened to jazz, but ever since Robert Cray he has been playing it all over the house!

I really wish I took pictures when I was walking around jazz fest, but I just get so lost in the moment I always forget!  Maybe I’ll remember next time I’m doing something cool.

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