Ecuador Part 1

Back in March my boyfriend and I went to Ecuador for spring break.  His mom was doing research in the Andes mountains, so we went to visit his family.  This first picture was taken in Guayaquil the morning after we arrived at 2:30 am.IMG_2235Then we took a bus out to the coast, where we stayed in a small surf town called Montañita.  We stayed at a place called Balsa Surf Camp and it was absolutely the cutest place I’ve ever seen.  The picture below is the reception desk and where we ate.  The room we stayed in was called Bahia.IMG_5312IMG_7230This is a stingray art piece I took a picture of early in the trip… it becomes relevant later on.IMG_5042IMG_6061Yoga everyday at 10am!IMG_4977 2IMG_9711We spent a lot of time in that green hammock on our porch.  It was incredibly comfortable! Also I wanted to take a picture of our mosquito net while it was tied up because we put it down when we had to sleep.IMG_8836This oatmeal was made with coconut milk and was covered with fresh fruit and granola.  I ate it almost every day.  Also, every morning they would have a different fruit juice and my boyfriend and I loved trying them.IMG_1496IMG_1794IMG_4523There were two cats that lived at Balsa Surf Camp and they were so sweet!IMG_1914IMG_1385IMG_5895IMG_6120IMG_4981These were some of the other breakfast options we tried.  It was a long journey getting here.  Three connecting flights from Burlington, Washington DC, and Miami, then a three and a half hour bus ride.  However, it was totally worth it.  The waves were massive and swimming in the ocean was the most fun I had had in such a long time.  Since my skin is pretty fair I was loading up on sunscreen every single time we went outside.  Lots of bug spray too.  My boyfriend actually went back to Ecuador recently to see his family for the first half of the summer, and they took a vacation back out to Montañita.  I was super jealous every time we Facetimed, because all I could do was remember how much fun we had at the beach.  OMG and the food.  The food in Ecuador was to die for.  It was so freaking good I think I still have dreams about it.  We had stuff like veggie tempura, rice, beans, plantains, fruit and tons of other dishes.  Everywhere we went had delicious vegetarian options which made eating super easy for me.  I would love to go back and eat more of the food in Ecuador someday!

Yeah, so I decided to do a post about a past trip because it was one of the best experiences of my life and I want to share it.  More to come!

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