IMG_6166There are 13 of us grandchildren.  All of us went to Essex Middle School.  And last Thursday the three youngest graduated.  The babies, Amanda, Ally and Kevin, are all grown up.IMG_6859 2My sister 💕IMG_4493IMG_2136IMG_2132IMG_2126My dad and uncles were feeling pretty old right here.IMG_2124IMG_2135Just missing the 3 oldest cousins.IMG_2128The next five pictures are from the graduation party on Saturday.  We celebrated the three youngest graduating from middle school, Matt graduating from high school, and Eric graduating from the University of New Haven.IMG_5534IMG_4993IMG_2163 2IMG_3772 2IMG_2046Since this was the last middle school graduation for my family, I decided to look back on the end of middle school for my sisters and I.IMG_2175Amanda’s graduation.IMG_2174Noelle’s graduation.IMG_2173Kelly’s graduation.IMG_2172My middle school graduation!!!! This was 2012.

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