IMG_0665 2For the fourth of July we went to our camp on Lake Groton.  My whole extended family was there and it was a super relaxed day.IMG_8299IMG_1131IMG_2609IMG_6445IMG_2258IMG_1212Now that Liam’s home from Ecuador we have been spending as much time as we can together.  Whenever I’m not working we’ve been spending time outside and reading.IMG_8758IMG_7516IMG_0874IMG_4001IMG_5197I love Burlington in the summer time.  It’s perfect.IMG_3850IMG_3738We’re so squinty. IMG_0045We were walking through campus on the way back to Liam’s house.  We just saw Spiderman Homecoming and Liam absolutely loved it!! It was entertaining for me too, so it’s probably worth seeing.IMG_5273One of my favorite things is when a normally crowded area is deserted.  I  love the quietness that replaces the hustle and bustle.  And this moment when I took these pictures, was exactly that.  During the school year the campus is always buzzing with students, but in the summer it empties out and I LOVE it.

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