Ecuador Part 3

IMG_8233IMG_9768IMG_8841IMG_5532IMG_4454Ahhhhhhhhhh Cuenca.  We were very relieved when we finally made it to Cuenca.  The drive from Guayaquil was about 3 hours.  It started with a straight shot through fields of  bananas, rice, and tons of other plants.  Then, a super curvy road up the Andes mountains.  The switchbacks were crazy, and we ended up taking a break because I was feeling quite motion sick.  Getting to Cuenca was exciting because we no longer had to worry about insect bites and the weather was a lot less humid. It’s also where Liam’s family was living so it felt like a home.IMG_7003IMG_9938Indoor market.IMG_1340IMG_2492IMG_9977IMG_4977These smoothies were SO good.  Mine was a mora smoothie with water and it was only 50 cents!  One thing about Ecuador I found to be really cool was that they use the same currency as America.  Everything is really cheap so you can only really pay for things with 1’s, 5’s, and change.  I actually brought $200 worth of 1’s and 5’s, and before I came home I exchanged a bunch of them with Liam’s parents because they were having trouble breaking their big bills.  Anyways, these smoothies were amazing and they even give you a refill for free!IMG_0520IMG_2912IMG_7934IMG_4732Liam insisted on taking a picture of the pig head… IMG_0966IMG_4919IMG_6096IMG_4450IMG_5484IMG_4260IMG_3943IMG_7204IMG_7571IMG_9664IMG_0344Cuenca is truly a beautiful city.  Exploring downtown was so much fun, and the food of course was amazing.IMG_7907IMG_7714IMG_1444IMG_0769IMG_3240Mojito’s!!!IMG_2697IMG_4712IMG_8359IMG_7962This was the last restaurant we ate at before Liam and I left.  I paid for dinner to thank his family for bringing me on their family vacation with them.  I’m so grateful for this experience and I’m grateful I saved my money so when the opportunity to go to Ecuador came, I could take it.  I hope I get to go back someday because I feel like there’s so much more to do, maybe visit the Galapagos??  My top 5 things from this trip are 1. The food.  2. The beach.  3. Walking downtown with Liam.  4. The freshly made Piña colada we got at the airport before we left.  5. The food.  Yes, food is in there twice because it was sooooooo amazing!  Ecuadorian food is the best.  Hands down.

The next day Liam and I returned home.  We were super cranky after the drive back to Guayaquil and 3 flights all in one day, but we made it.  And that is the end of my Ecuador posts! 😊

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