Jessica’s Bridal Shower

IMG_7263Yesterday was my oldest cousin’s bridal shower!  It was Parisian theme and so cute!  Everything looked so amazing, but I was rather sad because I had just had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out, and I was still too scared to eat food.  The first 48 hours after the procedure I had extreme nausea and couldn’t even hold down water.  Now, I’ve just been surviving on smoothies and mashed potatosIMG_5395The party favors were macaroons from Mirabelles Cafe and Bakery in Burlington.IMG_4576IMG_8910IMG_2220 2My sister Noelle won this game! (The answer was 718)IMG_1506IMG_9082IMG_6850How puffy does my face look??IMG_5738IMG_6576I thought these games were so fun, and my sister Kelly actually won the “He Said, She Said” game!IMG_6368We could write date ideas on these popsicle sticks and this is one of my ideas.  We also wrote down song suggestions for the wedding, and I did: Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Shiny Happy People, and Signed, Sealed, Delivered!IMG_4434IMG_5772IMG_7432IMG_2326Noelle looks very excited to be taking this picture.IMG_2324Grammy and I!!IMG_2331 2IMG_2325I love Jessie so much, and she deserves to have the best wedding day ever.IMG_2330All of the girl cousins ❤️❤️❤️IMG_1545After the shower I went to Barns and Noble with my boyfriend and I took this picture in the clearance section.  Liam has had a recent obsession with hanging out in Barns and Noble and reading.  It is fun, but I’m always ready to leave before he is.  So I’m putting it at the end.  For dinner my boyfriend and I went to Panera because my aunt told me that the broccoli and cheddar soup is perfect for when you can’t eat normal food.  And it was!! It tasted so good, however then I had a horrible stomach ache from the dairy.  But it was still worth eating!  Highly recommended if you can’t eat solid food.

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