5 Random College Essentials

IMG_7552There are so many lists of what freshman should bring to college on the internet.  I know I probably looked at hundreds of them when I was packing for my freshman year, however after a while the lists started to repeat themselves.  I kept looking at them because maybe the next list would tell me something the last one hadn’t, and I wanted to be fully prepared.  That’s why I made a small list of stuff I found useful in college that weren’t on any of the internet lists I read.  Also, these pictures are just of the brands of these things that I use, but really whatever brand works for you will do.  I hope my suggestions are helpful!E3978961-EBC2-4E15-AA2A-789BE9D022401. Melatonin.  It’s over the counter and natural.  There’s so many times when you get stuck in a habit of going to sleep WAY too late, and then  you will feel like you need to go to bed early because you have a big test the next day or something.  Melatonin helps you fall asleep without the drowsiness in the morning.  And for me, it was perfect for getting my sleeping schedule back on track after a crazy, busy week of staying up late.FullSizeRender.jpg2. Phone Sticker!  I have no idea what these are actually called, but they’re becoming pretty popular.  I know everyone at freshman orientation was given one.  I used mine so much I had to buy this yellow one to replace it!  I’m not a big purse person so I don’t carry a wallet, however there were always random times when I would need a card but wouldn’t have my wallet.  I just leave the sticker on my phone with my cards all the time, because my phone is with me whenever I go somewhere.  I keep three cards in the back of my phone always: my debit card, my ID, and my school ID.  They’re all stacked in there.  At first it was a tight squeeze but it loosens enough for three.  These three have proven that they belong with me always, especially my school ID when I’m on campus because I used it for everything, like food, books, the gym, swiping into my dorm, etc.  Anyways, my phone sticker/card holder thing is my most favorite college/life essential and I love it to death.F9103758-88E4-4994-9C68-77CD788E9A5B3. Eye drops.  Late nights where all you want to do is go to bed, but you have to finish a paper or keep studying.  Using eye drops feels like a refreshing burst of energy to your eye balls… until they dry out again.  But actually, eye drops are wonderful when you’re eyes are just too dry and tired to stay open.48030DCE-B2AC-4A14-9217-06202C7672D34. Face Wipes.  If you’re running late or just have a ton to do, and heading to the community bathroom to wash your face isn’t on the top of the to do list.  Face wipes are great for a quick clean, and making you feel slightly fresher than before.  However, if you can make it to the bathroom and spare the few minutes it takes to wash your face, it’s always worth it.  I definitely recommend always having these lying around because nothing feels better than a clean face!AF9952DD-14FE-4F4C-85DE-A727852E24DE5. Dry Shampoo.  Every girl or person with long hair absolutely NEEDS this.  There are so many times when you need to shower, but you have class or work or clubs or anything, so you just don’t have time.  And sometimes it gets to the point where even in a bun your hair is just super greasy.  Dry shampoo is the ultimate life savor.

2 thoughts on “5 Random College Essentials

  1. These are such good essentials! I just finished my first year of college and these are such great tips. I’ve heard a lot about melatonin, and I think I might give it a try! Thanks!


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