Lone Rock Point

84735998-2980-44ED-9064-7FFA36871E828AE40254-991A-4CE8-ABD6-B4788B29D59B799A69B3-7448-4C9F-A588-58E574CFBE96C80BF0DA-3E3E-4B4B-A639-3ACFF7D38832C5BDEF0E-925F-41BB-B138-7E054C575E8F80FCC7AB-A310-4176-8578-A905433CB44B2E7B6DE5-A176-455F-A756-ECD2B275454CE7DA55FC-BB26-4FF2-85CF-F34009274022D6F15207-E05E-479E-90CA-5EC09D1C9CBFYesterday Liam and I walked out to Lone Rock Point on Lake Champlain.  It’s short and pretty, and we got so lucky with the weather!  It has been very rainy this week and so getting to spend that time outside was wonderful.  I feel very lucky that Liam is from Burlington because he knows all the fun spots 🙂

We have also been watching Westworld lately. It’s sooooo good and I love it and I would totally binge watch it but…… Liam has been controlling me.  He only likes to watch one episode at a time, and we go days without watching it!  I struggle so much with this because I love knowing what happens.  When I read books I also have this problem where I start and finish them in the same day!  I get super engrossed in stories and I can’t be satisfied until there’s a resolution or there are no more episodes/pages.  I remember while I was watching Shameless during school, I hated going to class until I finished all the episodes that were out so far.  Anyways, we started Westworld around 3 weeks ago and we still have 2 episodes left.   I’m so ready to see what happens!  I bet there’s a good cliff hanger at the end of the season.

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