IMG_2424Every year since I was born, my dad’s side of the family has spent a week each summer camping.  It’s tradition.  We go different places on the east coast, and we rotate which family choose the location each year.  We’ve gone to the Finger Lakes, Old Orchard Beach, Bar Harbor many times, the Jersey Shore, Mount Washington, and Cape Cod many times.  This year we ended up in Truro, Massachusetts and I brought Liam along 😊IMG_4833My family has a pop-up camper that sleeps the 6 of us perfectly, but I bought this adorable little tent for Liam and I.  I was looking for something cheap and this tent was usually $50, but I go it for $19.95!!  It looks small from the outside, but we had plenty of room.IMG_3634The best thing about the camp ground we stayed at was it’s location.  It was a 10 minute walk from the beach and had a path straight from the campground, and it was super close to Province Town.IMG_4015Here’s a picture of Liam hanging out on my dad’s hammock.  All of my sisters have the hammocks that you can tie to trees (I think I want to get one too), but my dad went all out and brought his hammock stand, which I though was funny, but then I realized how nice and comfortable it was.  Overall, camping was super fun!  Liam and I only went down for a few days because it’s hard to get time off work, but it was so worth the long drive.   Liam even said it was the best camping trip he’d ever been on, which made me really happy.

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