Beach Fire

IMG_7217IMG_8843Our camp ground didn’t allow fires, so we got a permit to do one on the beach!  We loaded a bunch of dry wood that the campground had into the back of my uncle’s truck, filled our coolers, and headed to the beach for sunset.IMG_2312Everyone was cooking hotdogs for dinner (except for me, because vegetarian)IMG_0328Playing frisbee with Liam.IMG_2500The opening in our circle was the direction the smoke kept blowing.  Liam and I on the left kept getting it in our faces.IMG_8081IMG_3140My sister Amanda was eating her hotdogs two at a time.  Both of these were hers, then she made and ate two more!! She has to fill her hallow leg 😂IMG_4725IMG_8353 2My dad and his dad.IMG_2888 2IMG_2463😍😍😍IMG_2479It was such a gorgeous day and night.  We got really lucky with the weather.   It didn’t rain at all while Liam and I were in the Cape.IMG_2738IMG_8436Memories that I will remember forever happened this night.  The chilly air, warm fire, music playing, people singing, talking with family, cuddling with Liam, throwing footballs and frisbees, cooking s’mores, then ending the night in our cozy little tent.  I’m so grateful that I get to spend so much time with my family.  I’ve loved growing up with my cousins so close, and I feel so lucky that I’m able to take trips like this with them.  Family is forever.IMG_2499Thank you Liam for taking this picture for us.  We missed having Eric, Uncle Greg, and my mom with us!

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