Light House

IMG_7369IMG_1593IMG_6757IMG_2744IMG_5441IMG_5569IMG_5992IMG_6536IMG_0355IMG_1025IMG_0666IMG_5009IMG_2340While we were camping last week, there was a light house a little ways down the road from our campground.  We took a tour and learned some interesting things.  Scott made friends with this grasshopper/cricket (I’m not sure what it is) and he named it Justin.  Then we all headed into Province Town.  I got some salt water taffy and it was delicious.  I love orange flavored anything, and the orange salt water taffy was awesome.  To the right of the next picture is where we had to park and it was $20!!  It was a beautiful spot, but that’s so much money for parking! I was a little salty about that, haha.IMG_8591IMG_2901IMG_0998IMG_2300IMG_7845IMG_4188IMG_8006

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