4B932AA7-C698-4F45-8780-ACA8F107597C5D2CB08A-F22E-4FA4-BE48-B18B7226213EBE2D6613-C078-417D-84A7-0393FA06AE85E99FDC7E-D561-43C4-8D94-001DE2B97ED7DCA50AB5-F443-408D-8CC5-1BEC17C05CCF7BB02D22-3E6A-4C99-BD0D-ABBD3C0803847BA12AD7-496E-47DC-AD12-EB1938E9513489479FE1-3A11-42A7-953E-EFC35256BCE6A02B24FD-44B2-460B-9D26-0A28F4C4F95741BE4885-A2E0-4C3A-83EE-2EFC5BE05E040D06F7C2-A56A-458D-A5B2-CD1CA1346611A couple of weeks ago Liam and I went to Oakledge Park.  It was a super hot summer day and I was working a night shift, so it was so nice to get to spend a whole day with him. We went to Sweet Waters on Church Street for a late lunch and Burlington was crazy busy.  I just love summer so much, I’m sad it’s going to end soon………but I’m also so excited for fall!  Fall in Vermont is the best!

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