25 College Backpack Essentials

IMG_8455IMG_6002.JPGObviously this list is different for everyone, but these are some things I like to keep in my backpack!

1.  Laptop.  Tip: when you pack your laptop make sure it’s muted!  I always cringe when someone opens their laptop in class and it starts playing music, or someone gets a text and it dings really loud.

2.  Laptop Charger.  Always.

3.  Phone Charger.

4.  Planner.  To write down all of your assignments and due dates.

5.  Headphones.  Headphones and sunglasses are the best for when you don’t want to interact with anyone.

6.  Floss.  You don’t know you need it, until you need it.

7.  Nail Clippers.

8.  Deodorant.

9.  Eye Drops.

10.  Hairbrush.  I like this mini one I have because it takes up less space in my bag.

11.  Pens.  Tons of pens.

12.  Hand Sanitizer.

13.  Chapstick.

14.  Tide To Go.

15.  Oil Blotting Sheets.

16.  Hair Ties and Clips.

17.  Band Aids.

18.  Dry Shampoo.

19.  Keys.  Don’t forget your keys!

20.  Gum.

21.  Umbrella.  Or a raincoat.  Just be prepared, because if you go to school anywhere like Vermont, rain could come at anytime.

22.  Tampons.

23.  Tissues.  When the colds start spreading around campus, you can’t hide.

24.  Water Bottle.  Drink so much water, it helps with everything that can go wrong in college.

25.  Advil.  hahaha Advil got its own picture because I forgot to put it in the big one.  I also carry Excedrin and Migrelief because I get really bad migraines.

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