A Few Things

fullsizeoutput_200fullsizeoutput_201fullsizeoutput_1fefullsizeoutput_20afullsizeoutput_208fullsizeoutput_205fullsizeoutput_20dfullsizeoutput_20cfullsizeoutput_1f9fullsizeoutput_1fbfullsizeoutput_204I just got breakfast with my best friends from high school.  We went to this bistro called Sneakers in Winooski, and last year before everyone went off to college we did the same thing.  We decided it’s going to be our tradition.

I have no plans for the eclipse that’s happening today.  I didn’t get glasses or anything, and Vermont isn’t even in the line of totality so I guess that’s okay.  But I hear that in 2024 it will be, and that’s pretty  cool.  I’ll be 26 years old then!  It’s crazy to think about where I’ll be in life then.

OMG Game of Thrones last night!!!!!!!!!  That was insane.  I love hate that show.   I have since the beginning, and last nights episode encompassed everything I love and hate about it.  I hate all the gory violence, but I love the story.  The violence is just a part of it that I have to live with.  I love the characters and their developments over the seasons, and the world that’s been built.  The tension is insane.  Last nights episode felt like a psychological thriller for me personally.  I couldn’t handle it.

I finally made a huge purchase that I’ve been thinking about doing for the longest time.  Last night I ordered an iPad and I’m super excited.  After working like crazy all summer I hit my savings goals and extra beyond that, so I decided to buy something that will be super useful for me this year.  I’ve always felt like I had all the tools I needed between my phone and laptop, however the past two years in college I’ve been thinking I needed to add to them.  The reason being all of my teachers send us readings to do online, and I’m tired of reading 60 pages or so on my laptop.  Usually the pages are scanned in sideways, so I either have to go through and flip each page I have to read individually, or physically turn my laptop.  Also, I like the idea of renting/buying textbooks on an iPad because then the books are always with me and aren’t weighing my backpack down.  I think it will end up being a useful purchase.

I guess that’s more than a few things, but that’s okay 🙂

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