Last Days of Summer

I spent the day with my boyfriend on Friday. We went to Indian Brook with my dog and then that night was also my Uncle’s 50th birthday party. It was a lot of fun because my aunt hired a dj, and there was a photo booth, and a huge tent with a bunch of lights around it. It was also my last time seeing some of my cousins before they go back to college. When it got dark we were all dancing the macarena, cotten eyed joe, and the cha cha slide. Then, the police showed up! It was really funny because it was a 50th birthday birthday party and it really wasn’t that loud, but I guess some neighbor complained. Overall, the party was really cool because it was more than our usual family get togethers. Since we all live in the same town we see each other a lot, so all the extra party things made it super exciting.

The chilly weather is starting up again, and fall is in the air, yay!  Autumn is the best!!

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