Some Favorites from this Week

fullsizeoutput_211Wow!! What a week.  My first week of school is over and it was just as exciting, and tiring, and fun as I expected.  I moved into my dorm room, and it’s basically the same one I had last year.  However, I’m on the second floor instead of the fourth.  It doesn’t seem like much of a difference just thinking about it, but let me tell you, climbing to the top of the building multiple times a day gets very tiring.  So, only going up to the second floor is awesome!  Here are some random things that I’ve been liking this week:

Leonid Afremov!!! randomly found some of his paintings online and now I can’t stop looking at them.

This tapestry:

Life Savor Wintergreen Mints, I forgot how amazing these are!  I picked up a bag for my dorm and I’ve been eating them all the time.

Pulp Kitchen Juice.  These are now sold at UVM and they’re awesome.  It’s a Vermont based company.

Chilly Weather.  As much as I don’t like the cold, I do like when fall weather starts.  When it’s chilly in the morning and night, but warm during the day.  I also enjoy wearing jackets to be an accessory instead of necessary.


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