Labor Day

fullsizeoutput_21eCB3A15E7-E157-4524-9208-8A31D7766B83BDE90DA8-C219-421C-8AEE-C7C34C092CD886BB4AE9-611C-4AE5-9F35-939974F12F7CA246E934-E4FD-468B-A7D1-8B371CB1DAD22DA98BDB-419B-4772-9AF7-476BC070FB65Super late, but on Labor I went out to lunch with my dad on Church Street.  We ate at Leunigs, a French bistro that I had never been to before.  I got a rice and black bean burger and it was amazing!  Then, there was this bicycle race going on so we watched a little of that.  I’ve never really watched a bicycle race before and it was super fun.  It was crazy how fast they go. I was impressed every lap when the pace car would go by, watching the driver whip the car around the corners in order to stay in front of the leader.  Also, the bottom of Church Street was blocked off because some of the race actually went up it, which I thought was extremely cool.

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