Collin’s Wedding

IMG_3107IMG_2477IMG_3119 2fullsizeoutput_252This weekend Liam and I went down to Rhode Island for his cousin Collin’s wedding.  I don’t know Collin, but I know his sister and she’s super sweet.  The ceremony itself was short and easy, and it took place in an inactive church.  The church was so pretty and white, which made it stand out brightly against the beautiful blue sky.  The weather was perfect that day, though it did get pretty chilly when the sun went down.  Luckily, the reception was inside.  I had the vegetarian dinner option, which was eggplant with pesto and so delicious.  They also had a wonderful band, and Liam and I had a great time dancing to them.  Liam’s Aunt, who’s also the mother of the groom, is a baker and she made the cake.  It was a carrot cake!  We stayed in these cute beach houses for the weekend, I took some pictures of them down below.IMG_1918IMG_2067IMG_8947IMG_7339fullsizeoutput_24bSomething I think is pretty funny is that Liam’s cousin got married this weekend, and my cousin is getting married next weekend!  I’m so excited because Jessica the first cousin to get married.  I think being at a wedding with all of my cousins and extended family is going to be so much fun!  I’m helping with wedding prep on Tuesday 🙂 I can not wait!

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