Jessica and Jeff’s Wedding

IMG_3965 2The night before everyone came to our house for a fire.  It was fun to see Scott and Matt since they had just gotten home from college, and when Matt was saying hi to Uncle Gregg, Uncle Gregg tried to pull him onto his chair for a hug and they broke the back of the chair off!  It was so funny that everyone laughed really hard. fullsizeoutput_274fullsizeoutput_279fullsizeoutput_266fullsizeoutput_26bfullsizeoutput_272It rained the morning of the wedding, but somehow everything worked out perfectly.  There was no rain, and the temperature was perfect, not too hot and not too cold!IMG_3191 2fullsizeoutput_284fullsizeoutput_294fullsizeoutput_2a7fullsizeoutput_262IMG_1620 2IMG_3872 2IMG_4605 2IMG_2040 2fullsizeoutput_2afThis is one of my favorite pictures from the ceremony.  Jessica’s maid of honor, her sister Katie walking with Jessica and her dad in the background.  Something that made this wedding extra special was my dad being the officiant.  Jessie decided it would be cool if her uncle married her, and he did such a good job.  I was very proud of him.fullsizeoutput_2b1Cousin picture with the bride and groom.IMG_3248 2Family picture.fullsizeoutput_2d5Jessie and Jeff went to another location for more pictures during cocktail hour.  There was a lawn game that Liam and I played for a little.fullsizeoutput_2c0The wedding favors were the maple leaf maple syrups. IMG_3210 2fullsizeoutput_2d6IMG_3211 2IMG_7110 2IMG_0896 2fullsizeoutput_2c1IMG_8149 2fullsizeoutput_2d9We were trying to take a picture because the bride and groom’s table was right behind us.fullsizeoutput_2ddThey had a wedding cake too, but these pies were the hit.  There was apple or pecan and they were SO good.IMG_7073 2IMG_3340 2fullsizeoutput_2deWe did a ton of dancing last night.  I’m laying in bed right now feeling my tired legs.  I thought this picture of Liam and I is cute, I just wish I wasn’t looking at him so creepily. hahaIMG_3242 2Also, I love this picture because it shows Liam and I, Mom and Dad, and Grammy and Grandpa all dancing.  It’s so sweet.fullsizeoutput_2e0Cousin dancing (and Arianna)IMG_3244 2IMG_3245 2IMG_3236 2IMG_1337 2Jessie was so busy during the wedding talking to people, she didn’t get to have any of the desserts.  So after she brought one of each outside to try.IMG_4994 2IMG_3253 2Congratulations Jessica and Jeff, I hope you guys have a great time on your honeymoon.

Other highlights of the night:

Katie’s maid of honor speech, such a tear jerker.

Uncle Gregg’s poem, WOW.

Dancing to Cotten Eyed Joe and the Cha Cha Slide.

When all the married couples were called to the dance floor to dance, and the DJ counted up the years.  When the amount of time you’ve been married was called, you left the dance floor.  The last two couples dancing (one was my grandparents) were honestly so cute, and everyone cheering when we reached their number.

The fact that there was apple cider, hot apple cider, amazing coffee, and lemon water to drink.  I drank all of them and they were superb.

The barn where the reception was held.  It was gorgeous.

There were probably other wonderful things from last night that I forgot, but overall it was just an extremely memorable and enjoyable weekend.  I’m so grateful for my family and for Liam, because it truly is the relationships in your life that make it meaningful. ❤️

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