October Thoughts

fullsizeoutput_2f9Who hasn’t heard the saying, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans.”  I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  Sometimes I just feel like I get so caught up thinking about what’s next, that I’m not paying attention to what’s happening right in front of me.  This weekend I felt very present.  I was relaxed and into everything I did.  On Friday during my screenwriting class, we read the treatment for the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  I had never seen the movie before, so that night Liam and I rented it.  We ended up watching a little on Friday, a little Saturday night, and we finished it Sunday morning while it was raining.  Not only did I enjoy the movie, but the act of watching it was really fun for me too.  I used to love watching new movies every weekend, but lately, I’ve been so busy and so focused on other things I’ve just rewatched films I’ve already seen.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with rewatching unless you’re rewatching because you’re too lazy to try something new.  I used to love discovering old or new films that I haven’t seen yet, and it wasn’t until this weekend that I realized how much I missed it.

Then, during the bonfire and wedding, I was also very in the moment.  Being with family gives me such a heartwarming feeling, and especially with my family.  We always have fun together, which makes being present not very difficult.

I’m also ecstatic that it’s October.  September was a really weird month temperature wise.  It’d be extremely hot one day, then cold the next.  However, since it’s October it can finally be chilly.  Lately, it’s been raining in the mornings, then blue skies all afternoon.  Now, that I’ve been to both weddings, I have no upcoming plans.  Just school and work from here on out, so I decided to paint my nails last night.  I usually have my toes painted, but I hardly ever paint my fingernails.  I bought this color called “Cocoa A Go Go” and it’s the perfect autumnal color.  I wanted to paint my nails for fall, but I couldn’t choose an orange/red color that I liked.  Then, I found this one and it’s perfect.  It has a gold shimmer to it, that looks reddish orange in the light.  I plan to wear this for the rest of October.

The shirt I’m wearing is from LUCA + GRAE and I think it’s super cute.


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