The First Dog Jog

IMG_3409IMG_3408IMG_3411IMG_3412fullsizeoutput_309DB88633D-B4B5-48D9-9E59-14807269A63AIMG_3440fullsizeoutput_30bF259FAF2-3459-4D10-A1B6-3148EA4842E0fullsizeoutput_30dThis year my sister Kelly started a club at school.  It’s called Dog Club and you just have to love dogs to be in it.  Their first fundraiser was a 5k walk/run on October 29th, so they made it a costume thing.  Liam and I borrowed my coworker’s dog that she adopted named Bowie, and he was just the cutest, sweetest little thing.  We dressed him as a slice of pizza and I wore a shirt from the pizza place I work at, so that was our costume.  Overall, the event was so much fun.  It rained so I can’t imagine how wonderful it would have been if the weather had been better.

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