Four Favorite Products

We’ve made it to crunch time.  The part of the semester when all of us students need to be on point.  Every day from here on out, we are busy.  I am on Thanksgiving break right now, but it’s not much of a break.  Not only am I working most of my days off, I am also trying to get research done, a paper written, and two books read.  I’ve decided to share some of the products that I’ve been loving during this stressful time.  They’re extra products that I wouldn’t call a necessity, but none the less I am obsessed with them!IMG_10401. Magnesium Oil.  I saw a youtube video where a woman in it recommended it, and so I looked it up.  Apparently, magnesium is absorbed into the body better topically than orally.  Plus, according to the bottle, it improves sleep quality, relieves stress and tension, relieves aches, pains and spasms, and a bunch of other stuff.  I’ve used it a bunch already and the bottle is still full, which is awesome.  Once when I got a headache I put some on the back of my neck and it helped a lot.  Overall, I’m happy with this product so far.

IMG_74772. Organic Rose Water Mist. I used to buy this all the time in high school.  Recently, I ordered it again and I have no idea why I stopped using it.  It’s SO wonderful.  The aroma relaxes me instantly, it feels wonderful on my skin, and it is great for everything.  A toner, a makeup setting spray, an uplift throughout the day, and if you spray it on your skin after a shower it helps that tightness feeling go away.  It’s honestly one of my favorite products in the world.IMG_10103. Sleepy Body Lotion. I  don’t remember where I first heard about this lotion, but the second I saw it, I knew I wanted it. It ‘s made by Lush, and it’s a beautiful purple color.  It has the richest texture and absorbs fairly quick.  I’ve been using it on my hands right before bed.  It smells like lavender which is why it’s so relaxing.  I’ve been using the least amount possible each night because I don’t want to run out of it.  I had to order it from the online store because there aren’t any Lush stores in Vermont.IMG_6472IMG_43474. Luxurious Rosehip Oil.  I love using this stuff on my face before bed.  Especially since the weather is getting colder and the air dryer.  After I wash it off my face in the morning my skin feels AMAZING.IMG_7931

It just started snowing as I write this, and I’m getting really excited about the holiday season! Yay!!

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