This year Thanksgiving was the calm in the middle of the storm.  My school was off for the whole week, but it’s not much of break.  I’ve had all sorts of homework to do, on top of working full time for the week.  It has just been a lot of extra stress even when I don’t have classes, so I’ve been a little frustrated.  However, on Thanksgiving day I didn’t think about any of that stuff.  I woke up early, watched the parade, then went to my cousin’s house around 1.  It was fun to see everyone that made it to dinner and I had a really good time.

On Friday I was working, and it was insane.  Waitressing on Black Friday was one of the more chaotic shifts that I’ve done. It reminded me of working July 3rd, which is the night there are fireworks in Burlington.  I was so happy to get off of Church Street at the end of my shift!!

I’m extremely grateful for so many things, but most importantly, the people in my life.  From my family to Liam, I don’t know what I would do without them.

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